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Kokusui Q&A

There is no harm in drinking too much because it is a natural product and has the function of absorbing necessary nutrients and discharging unnecessary substances. Drink as specified.

The quality of fulvic/humic acid begins with the quality of the raw base material. There are known to be five major sources of raw humate material. Rutile sand deposits, Pete Moss deposits, Lignite deposits, Coal and Leonardite Shale deposits. Many deposits are unfavorably saltwater derived. Our Kokusui is from fresh water origin Leonardite Carbontacedud Shale deposit which is considered superior to all other deposits because it contains the smallest and lowest molecular weight humic substances on earth.

Tablet humic must be broken down by the digestive system before the nutrients can be utilized by the cells, but liquid form does not have to be broken down and is available for immediate cellular uptake. Also tablet humic products are not pH balanced.

No. The product should be consumed by itself, at least 15 min to 1 hr away from food and other nutritional supplements. Do not take it directly with any medications.

It should be stored at room temperature, refrigeration not required. Avoid direct sunlight

Do not take Kokusui with other medications, at least 15 min to 1 hour away from food and other nutritional supplements.

One of the benefits of Kokusui is it helps the body to detoxify. Some people may experience mild detoxification when they begin taking the product. Signs of detoxification may include, mild diarrhea, mild joint aches, flu-like symptoms, etc. The detox reaction is typically only short-term (a day or so up to a few weeks). The detox reaction is a normal, and even healthy reaction that may indicate healing. But the experience may not be pleasurable, the detox symptoms are generally an indication that healing is taking place. Stop temporarily or completely taking it. 

Yes, but please consult with your doctor. Kokusui significantly helps strengthen the immune system and reducing harmful side-effect of radiation treatment.

Yes, consult your doctor. But Kokusui contains minerals, amino acids and other nutritional elements that are needed by the body to cleanse, neutralize, and remove toxins, strengthen and supercharge the immune system, super-oxygenate the blood, maintain optimum alkalinity and pH levels, balance cell life which aids the body’s ability to heal itself.

Yes. Consult your doctor. We have many customers that had been diagnosed with diabetes, and theyare very satisfied with Kokusui.

Yes. Consult your doctor. We have customers who have taken Kokusui and state that they no longer have asthma.

Yes, but a food-grade-plastic or glass container. Do not use other type of material one.

Yes, if you consume foods rich in iron to consume a quality iron supplement, Kokusui will potentate the iron in the foods and supplement.

Everyone is different. Some people notice results within a few hours, for other people it may take several days to a few week or even longer, depending on various factors of course. Use of Kokusui on a daily bases as provide the body with vital nutritional element that the body will use for repair and regeneration of cells. Be patient, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”

Yes, just add 1 tablespoon into the 4Lt of water which will nourish and help provide the highest quality plant, flowers and vegetables.

Yes, add 1 tablespoon into the pets water bowl.

There is no risk of deterioration in quality, but consume as soon as possible after open the bottle.

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