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– Customer Testimonials –

Name: L  Age: 70  City: Vancouver
Purpose: Has cancer, wants energy and wellbeing.
Toubanyoku Experience: Felt rejuvenated and energized. -Stitches healing better. -Comes 2 times a week.

Name: Ms. Jeri  Age: 30  City: Burnaby
Purpose: Has period and lower back pain, wants a child in the future.
Toubanyoku Experience: -Felt better with pain, especially period pain. Felt warm inside. Thought she would get a lot of sweat, but did not. -Felt comfortable inside Toubanyoku room. -Wants to come back for more sessions in order to maintain good health.

Name: Alice  Age: 58  City: North Vancouver
Toubanyoku Experience: Insomnia feels improved. Body is more relaxed. Skin looks good.