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Did you know...?

Your immune system will increase by 35% if your body temperature increase by 1°C.

A can of coke or pepsi makes your immune system sleep for 3 hours.

Cancer cells will become very active when your body temperature is below 35°C.

Fever is not a disease, it is a healing reaction of your body to trigger a massive production of white blood cells, which kills all kinds of diseases including cancer.


A number of dementia patients keeps increasing currently. The prevention of dementia is crucial as it’s easy to deteriorate the condition and difficult to cure the Alzheimer-type dementia completely. It is said that there is no complete prevention of dementia, however there’s a great way of reducing the risk of dementia by doing diet therapy with taking nutrient foods.

Lack of fluid have an impact on your brain

The brain consists 80% fluid, therefore it is important to drink 1.5 to 2 litre of fluid daily in order to prevent and remedy the symptoms of dementia.

I have purchased the newest model of “Molecular regenerative electronic vibration machine” which was developed in Japan. By processing the water with this devise, it is changed to electroactive water with a lot of electron and the water cluster become smaller to help increasing the absorption rate into the whole body. It is known that the brain would revitalize and effectively improve the cognitive function by giving relaxing effect to parasympathetic nerve that become predominant, and activate the brain cells instantly from not only drinking this processed water, but also inhaling it with nebulizer. It is said to be effective for some diseases such as, dementia, encephalopathy, brain infarct and brain tumor.

Please refer to the following testimonial stories, as I update upon receiving the new ones from Japan.

To tell you the truth, the reason why I purchased this machine, is that for my wife who was diagnosed as frontotemporal dementia. I have made my wife using the nebulizer to inhale this processed water daily for 30 days (from August 6th to September 7th) by visiting her at the care home. I wanted her to drink this 1.5 litre of this processed water at the same time as well, however it was extremely difficult since she was not able to stay still and keep drinking. She is using this nebulizer currently but it wasn’t the easy task, she won’t let me put the nebulizer to her mouth at the beginning. Her brain won’t let her sit still on the chair and she keeps walking all day for about 8 to 10 km, even when she was eating. Having say that, I was holding nebulizer to her mouth every time she moves around inside her room, but now she is able to sit for over ten minutes and to have something to eat at a restaurant. She said that
she can relax and feels great by using this nebulizer. Perhaps she became too energized since she started to complain by saying, “why do I have to stay here?” “Please take me home now.” “Let’s go travelling together since we haven’t travelled recently.” I have been struggling daily facing my wife’s dementia.









Perhaps you have heard the word, “Preventive Healthcare”. This is the counterplan to prevent the sickness which is the process of preventing before human to start to notice the effect of sickness. All of disease would not onset suddenly. People start to feel sick and go see a doctor, then having a diagnosis and start taking medications. That’s how it works in general, however most of the diseases does not need such a treatment if they work on the prevention. The lifestyle-related diseases such as cancer, circulatory organ cardiovascular diseases (cardiac disease, brain stroke) and diabetes can be improved by warming up the body to boost up the immune system, high oxygen level (prompt blood circulation), and change of daily habit to reduce the stress level. However, dementia is a frightening disease because it’s incurable with the current medicine, and it’s totally different from these lifestyle-related diseases. Needing of one care taker per each patient is mandatory, and there’s a huge burden on patient’s family (financially, mentally and physically).

Then, when shall we start dementia prevention?

There’s no such a thing too early to start the prevention. Dementia can start as early as from 40’s and 50’s.

I have introduced the free trial on nebulizer for dementia prevention at Toubanyoku Wellness Centre in my previous essay (part 1), with introducing an example of my wife’s story. Some of our customers who is over 50 years old has tried our nebulizer as dementia prevention.

It is said to repair the damaged cells, damaged DNA by taking the Molecular regenerative electronic vibration machine 528 Hz (528 Hz is Solfeggio frequency and it has an effect of regenerating DNA) processed water into the body. In the case of dementia, it works on brain cells directly from brain barrier by inhaling through nose this processed water with nebulizer. We can expect the great effect with this method rather than just drinking this processed water since it will reach out to bran much faster. In fact, there are many patients has tried this method and improved their conditions.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

予防医療(Preventive Healthcare)を耳にした事が有ると思います。これは病気の予防のためにとる対策で、人が影響を受ける事に気づく前に始める予防過程です。全ての病気は、ある日突然発症する訳ではありません。不調を感じて病院にいく、病気と診断されて、薬を飲み始める。これが一般的に考えられる治療ですが、殆どの病気は予防することによってこの様な治療を必要としません。ガン、循環器病(心臓病、脳卒中)、糖尿病などのいわゆる生活習慣病は体を高体温(免疫力を高め)、高酸素(血行を促進)、そしてストレス(全ての病気の源)の無い生活習慣に変えることによって完治は可能だと言われています。しかし、認知症はこの様な生活習慣病とは違って、現在医学では完治は殆ど不可能で、生活習慣病とは比較にならない程恐ろしい病気です。一人の患者に一人の介護人が必要とされる為に、家族の人たちに掛かる負担(経済的、精神的、体力的)は大きい。 では、認知症防止はいつから始めれば良いのでしょうか? 認知症の予防は早すぎると言うことは有りません。認知症は高齢のある時から始まるのではなく、40-50歳代の若い時から始まって居ると言われています。 前回に`認知症を予防したい方へ`のメッセージで私の家内の実例をあげながら、私のToubanyoku Wellness Centreでの認知症防止の無料案内をさせて頂きました。現在、Toubanyokuのお客様(50歳以上)の中で、数人のお客様がすでにネブライザー防止対策をして頂いてます。 分子還元電子振動作用機528Hz528ヘルツはソルフェジオ周波数と言われ、DNAを修復する効果があると言われています。)の水を取り込むことで細胞の損傷、つまりDNAの損傷を修復する効果が期待できます。認知症の場合、ネブライザーを使用して鼻から528Hzの水を吸入することで脳関門より直接、脳細胞へ働きかけるようにします。そうすることで飲用して取り込むよりは早く脳に働きかけ、効果が期待できます。実際、このことを実践された多くの患者さんに症状の改善が見られています。



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