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What is Toubanyoku?

Toubanyoku is Japanese for “Hot Tile Therapy”. It is a heated antioxidant floor in the toxic-free environment that induces hyperthermia to boost your immune system to fight off diseases and alleviate stress by producing white blood cells and emit negative ions into your body.


The room temperature is meticulously kept between 40°C and 42°C and the ceramic floor temperature is heated to 45°C and 50°C. The heated tiles are made from Diatoms, a group of algae-derived from the ocean and are incorporated with an antioxidant solution consisting of a complex nutrient mixture. Research has indicated the diatom concoction has antioxidative properties by reducing oxidation and decomposing hazardous chemical substances*.  In the three-year process it takes to produce the concoction, many essential minerals are cultivated as it matures.

Reduce Oxidative Stress

Heated anti-oxidant tiles in the room coated with an anti-oxidant solution eliminate active oxidation stress caused by environmental pollutants.

3 people lying in the Toubanyoku

Improve Immunity

The heat improves the body’s own immunity and boosts your natural healing powers
while infusing the body with antioxidants.

What Makes It Unique?

Toubanyoku promotes less sweating with low humidity (20%) at about 42°C in a non-toxic environment, it is safe for children and the elders, and eliminates active oxygen and enhance immunity in the warm non-toxic air environment, bringing relaxing, comfort and healthy life for all generations.

How Can Toubanyoku Help Me?

Toubanyoku’s primary function is improving the body’s own immunity and accelerate natural healing powers. It is not a panacea for modern illnesses but works as a boosting agent that strengthens the immune system to fight off diseases.

Oxidative stress – an imbalance between free radicals containing active oxygen and uneven electrons in the body – causes a variety of health ailments by damaging the DNA and producing inflammation within the body (Sies, Berndt, & Jones, 2017). Toubanyoku combats this condition by warming up the core temperature and infusing the body with antioxidants.


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